Photo Essay Critique

It was much harder to emulate Lorri Honeycutt’s style than I first thought. It was very difficult to obtain the miniature figures seen in her photos. Most toy stores don’t have miniatures. Action figures would give the image a different tone and made the viewer less able to envision the scenario as if it were really happening. Also, the hobby store that I finally found had mostly alien figurines or mutant demonic ones, none of which represented the tone I was going for. I finally decided to get figures with the common theme of violence, rather than choosing robed skeletons. There were no painted figures but I decided to keep it simple. So many more decisions went into the individual miniatures than I would have expected. It was also very difficult to think of a cohesive story line where all could be represented. The next arduous task was finding an every day object that could represent something else when scaled up.

I like that in each of my photos, you can really envision the dialogue happening and that the story line is humorous. I like that some elements are blurred and some are in focus. I dislike that the story line isn’t “cute,” but instead depicts images of violence. The photos are not colorful like Honeycutts’. If the figurines were painted, the images may be more compelling, but they may also be too busy and harder to read.

I have a definite newfound appreciation for Honeycutt’s work. Though she’s my favorite photographer, I originally thought she didn’t do much work. I assumed she just threw in some figurines with average objects to emphasize the scale, and it just happened to work out. After doing this project I came to learn I am totally wrong. The story line and interaction of the objects takes a lot of precise thought and planning. Everything in the image has a purpose and it all creates a light and wistful mood. Not only do I appreciate Honeycutt’s work more, I now appreciate all professional photographers’. The subject matter, the angle, the lighting – everything is planned and has to work together. If one element is off balance, the whole image will be thrown off. Also, photos often tell a story or have a purpose – an idea that is much easier said than done. It is difficult to depict details with only the use of visuals and that’s exactly what professional photographers perfect.


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