Photo Essay Revision


“Breaker one, copy. We have an unidentified object. Looks like a space craft of some sort. Call for backup.”

“Not sure a ninja can take these guys. Might need someone with something a little more powerful than stealth and a sword.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about. Chainsaw Mary can surely save us from any horrible fate that may befall us. But, what if the beasts are too big to get close to?”

“Sharpshooting Carlos? Good, send but we may need more than a one man force to get these extra terrestrials from numerous angles.”

“A storm trooper? As long as these beasts don’t have light savers I think we can take them.”


Wow, so this is what an alien really look like.








Lincoln Holdup

Send Backup

Beam Me Down

Getting Down to Business


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