Final Project Proposal

Summary of my final project for Visual Literacy. It is a paper cut poster for the organization Heifer International.


Double Check

A short film using different shots and angles about a girl frantically searching for her lost check.

Double Check Movie Poster

A movie poster for the short film “Double Check.”

Graphics at the MoMA

A critique of an untitled graphic piece displayed in the Museum of Modern Art.

DC Photo Week – Connecting Cultures

A critique of the DC Photo Week exhibit “Connecting Cultures.”

DC Photo Week – The President’s Photographers

A critique of the DC Photo Week exhibit “The President’s Photographers.”

Lumiere Revised

A short Lumiere where a guy gets pied.

The Truman Show movie poster critique

A critique of the poster for the movie “The Truman Show.”

Critique of Shooting with Mursi

A critique of the winner of best documentary at the All Roads Film Festival, Shooting with Mursi.

Composited Photo Essay Revision

A revision of my photo essay composited into one graphic design. This assignment utilized photo manipulation skills and the ability to envision an interesting and fluent idea.