Lumiere Critique

Brianna and I had written up a few ideas of what to film for our Lumiere such as people buying costumes at a Halloween shop or doodling on a piece of paper. We met in MGC and as we were walking outside, we saw a fraternity doing a fundraiser where you could pie others in the face for a few dollars that would go to charity. Though this was not at all what we expected to film, we yelled “wait,” raced over, and turned on the camera. This taught me that stories are happening around you constantly, you just have to catch them. Sometimes you get lucky and are at the right place at the right time. I think I’m going to start carrying around my video camera. I was happy with the end result, although I wished Nate hadn’t looked at the camera as he was beginning to pie Greg. Though some people default to “acting natural” when in front of a camera, being student government president, Nate sometimes looks official in every daily action he does, thus making eye contact with the camera and giving an affirmative nod. If I could have done something differently I would have snuck up behind the action unseen, so Nate wouldn’t have seen or looked at the camera. Or, I would have emphasized even more than I already did, people should ignore the camera. Another thing I would have changed was the quality of the footage. I shot it on my video camera but after uploading it into youtube I was not happy with the quality. Next time I will use a different site such as Vimeo so the footage is crisp and clear. It made me a little nervous showing our film to the audience. It’s a different feeling than showing a graphic design or a photograph. Since film is what I’m interested in, I was a little timid to hear what the response would be. Also, as people films before our were criticized for being “staged,” I worried Nate’s glance at the camera would receive a lot of comments. I hadn’t pictured how I wanted people to react, but overall I was pretty happy with the response.

Emily and Madhavi’s Lumiere about a panda was light and comical, leaving me with an overall feeling of happiness. At first I was expecting it to be boring and monotonous, but was pleasantly surprised when the panda grabbed two large branches and started chomping away. Perhaps I enjoyed it because it reminded me of my own eating habits, starting out in moderation but eventually saying “heck with it” and going for the good stuff. One of the reasons I enjoyed it most is because I was surprised and it was funny. Humor generally makes me really like something, unless it’s a failed attempt to be funny. The humorous mood was achieved by the panda unexpectedly pulling in a few huge branches  so it could chow down. It was nothing that Emily and Madhavi did, besides capturing a perfect moment. If I had to find fault in something, it would be nicer to see the footage a little crisper, but I understand that’s not possible since the animals were behind glass. I would also move the part where the panda eats the large branch to a little sooner in the clip. Right now it’s at 33 seconds and at that point you start to lose the audience as everyone assumes it will be the same basic visual of a panda chewing for the entire minute.


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