Final Project


5 Responses to “Final Project”
  1. Alexandra Garrigo says:

    This is an advertisement for Heifer International. I really like how you used symbols instead of words to represent some things. Also, the colors go very well with each other so good job with that! Everything is very well placed the only thing that bothers me a little bit is how the last two facts at the bottom are not centered. Other than that, everything is very well placed. I really like the line of animals walking across the bottom of the poster and I like how there size decreases. This helps get your point across. The building blocks are used to convey your message because by using symbols, for example, it makes it not only more appealing to the viewer, but also helps show the reality that just one cow could give a family infinite milk. Also, by adding how many people this affects it shows that the company has been successful and this should therefore be considered. The message is communicated effectively. It does reach its intended audience, which is anyone who can afford it. Moreover, it makes people aware of what this company is doing to help people and how people can help others by doing this.

  2. The final project is a PSA poster about the Heifer International and it is very bright and interesting to look at. I see a map, and visuals that my brain uses to create a sentence in my head. You use color to catch the audience’s attention and created good balance throughout the poster. You use the building blocks to communicate her message very directly. Your use of text and pictures create a somewhat fun way of giving the message across. The message is communicated effectively in that it is succinctly informative. I think it does have the capacity to reach its intended audience because it seems factual and professional, and it is presented as a poster one would see in a city.

  3. photochika42 says:

    This final project is a poster promoting Heifer International. I see lots of yellow, which could represent the power of giving or donating to Heifer International. There are pictures at the top about giving man some milk, but how it would be more beneficial to give a man a cow so he can learn how to milk himself.
    There is a lot of boldness and color to this poster, which make it appealing to the audience. The eye is drawn down the page to emphasize the movement.
    I feel that the colors help empower the message of giving away animals and help promote animal resources in a way. The animals at the bottom, along with the images near the top are both examples of semiotics. It called attention to the message of sharing animals, not that the animals are transported by yellow beams of light across the world.
    The message is communicated clearly, but when I read, “the family must give away the first born” – I was thinking that the family had to give away the first-born child, not animal. I know that Heifer International is about giving animals to other people, but that’s the first thing that popped into my head.

  4. eganma says:

    This is PSA describing a program that gives provides people with livestock animals to help them gain a sustainable food source. Graphics are used in place of text for humorous affect and also to convey the a modified version of “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a life.” Color, the images and the text defiantly play roles in the semiotics of the piece. The over-the-top way the PSA is put together represents the message that a movement that can affect 10+ million people starts out with what can be seen as a ridiculous idea. The bright yellow and aqua reinforce this interpretation, as they are not colors that often accompany serious advertisements. The bright yellow lines that span the map to all continents represents how even an absurd idea can spread all over the world. The poster communicates very effectively. It is both entertaining enough to draw attention to it and informative about the benefits of the Heifer program, both key aspects that are needed to convey its message. But, I found that the iconography a bit confusing at first, but I quickly picked up its meaning. Well done!

  5. mikekarsch says:

    This in a Public Service Announcement Poster for Heifer International. What makes this PSA stand is out is it’s visual aspects: the substitution of images and graphics for words both better conveys the ideas as well as puts a humorous spin on things. The colors and design is very in-your-face, something good for a PSA of this type. It’s a new idea on “Give a man a fish….” and is portrayed in a way that anyway who sees this ad can understand. It is concise, it is visually appealing, and it has a very clear message that anyone can understand.

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