Critique of Shooting with Mursi

A critique of the winner of best documentary at the All Roads Film Festival, Shooting with Mursi.


Composited Photo Essay Revision

A revision of my photo essay composited into one graphic design. This assignment utilized photo manipulation skills and the ability to envision an interesting and fluent idea.

Genre Deconstruction: Drama

An analysis of the film genre “drama.”

Lumiere Critique

A critique about my own lumiere film “Pied.”

Is “realism” real?

A critique of the Lumiere Manifesto and if films can ever be truly “real.”

Photo Essay Revision

A photo essay using photographer Lorri Honeycutt’s style of small figurines in a scene with everyday objects.

Photo Manipulation; Is it Ethical?

A critique of photo manipulation techniques past and present. Is it ethical to change an image?

Graphic Ad Revision

A revision of a graphic ad I did for New Balance running shoes.

Photo Essay Critique

A critique about my personal photo essay trying to emulate Lorri Honeycutt’s style of photography.

Lorri Honeycutt: A Miniature World

A short critique about photographer Lorri Honeycutt and her work.